Classroom Freebies

Free Foldable

Today I wanted to start posting some free stuff that may be of use to some of you. First are the items that are free in my TPT Store. I have just recently started this, so there are only a few items there and most are free. I have a free Little book foldable that is pretty cool uploaded. There is a lesson that is available for three dollars, but you can probably come up with a use for it on your own. I am trying to develop a line of lessons for this foldable  and am hoping to have some more posted soon. I definitely am not out to make a lot of money, which is pretty evident since I teach for a living. (Sorry about the sarcasm, but I know you just mumbled to yourself, "Ain't that the truth!")

You can get the link to the foldable here. It males a little book with a cover and seven pages from one sheet of paper. Let me know if the directions are difficult to follow ladies, if your a man you will just look at the picture and attempt to make one ;)

Sliced Bread, The Microwave, and Google Documents!

What do these things have in common? They are man's greatest inventions!!! I have been trying to upload all of my classroom documents to the google cloud. This is awesome!  If you have not done this yet DO IT! I went to find some stuff to work on some flip charts and I realized I had stuff on four different computers and various thumb drives. I have been working on uploading my documents this summer and I feel so much more organized. You get 5 Gigabytes free. I have uploaded hundreds of documents and  have only used a fraction of my space. The only draw back is that you can't upload any item that is more that 2MB and some of my flip charts are a little larger than that.

I think I am also going to have my students set up a gmail account and use it. Just think no more Can I use your thumb drive?  My file won't open! Can I go log off of the last computer I was on, if I can remember where I was? etc...  (oops! There is that sarcasm again.) Anyway you can get to my shared documents here. I still don't have all of my stuff there, I am going to upload from school computer today. Please note this is a collection of stuff that has been written by me or others who were also kind enough to share. I hope you can find something you can use and share in your school. This is also another ADD work in progress so be sure to check back as my collection grows.

Get access to my shared documents here

This is a fun and free creative writing assignment that I do with my seventh graders. Students pick four numbers in advance and then find out who their characters are, the setting, and the plot. Even my most reluctant learners are thinking, and excited about writing. Try it in small groups, or independently.  Students will be eager to share their final product so try to set aside some time for them to present their stories. Below is a copy of the student handout and a PowerPoint to display. Have fun, and let me know how it went.

Get free directions and student handout HERE.

Click HERE for a copy of the PowerPoint to display on your board.


  1. I clicked on when you said we could get your documents on google cloud and nothing happened? Do I need an account to access your documents?

  2. I checked the link and it was working. The items that I bought are not shared so I don't step on anybody's toes. Yesterday Google Drive was acting weird so I suggest you try again. Let me know if this still does not work.

    1. You may also have to follow me to get to them.

  3. "Writing by the Numbers" reminds me of "Roll a Story" that I used from Scholastic a few years ago, minus the dice. This saves me from having deal with kids throwing/ losing dice. Thanks so much!

  4. When I clicked on the link to access your shared docs, it just took me to my Google docs page. Do you know how I can get them?