Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bust Out the Games and Have Some Fun!

I know that the entire school year is a busy time, but I always feel overwhelmed at the end of the year. Testing, purchase orders, field trips, grades, inventory, packing, collecting, and storing all have to be done before we close our classroom doors.

 We also have classes to teach, but after testing the kids tend to become whiny and don't want to work. With only a few weeks left, you are probably assigning projects and reports to keep the kids on track. Me too. For me it is also time to bust out the games and have some fun!

I am working on posting, creating and updating some of my games and will be posting them here over the next few weeks. They will also be posted in my TPT store for free. I hope some of you can use them to trick those kids in to doing a little end of year thinking.

BOGGLE - is similar to the original game and can be downloaded in my TPT store by clicking HERE


The Noun Game- This is one of my kids favorites! It is is a flip-chart format that I use with my Promethean Board. I highly recommend it if your looking for a fun and engaging game. I have written about this game before and you can find the full details in my October archives. To down load it from my google drive click HERE.

Brain Games #1- This is a PowerPoint of twenty-five brain teasers of various levels and subject areas. My kids (who say they don't like to think) love these. I guess the jokes on them! To download click HERE

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