Friday, November 30, 2012

Using Jog the Web in Your Classroom

This web site allows you to make a list of sites to use in research, give quizzes, or view videos that you find appropriate. I am starting a cause, effect, and fact project over natural disasters with my 8th graders. Students are going to be assigned a particular natural disaster to research. they will then write a five paragraph essay on their topic using MLA citation, and make a Prezi to present their projects to the class.

This is quite a bit to try to cover before Christmas break, so I asked our fabulous librarian for some help. She introduced me to this site and has gone in an listed 5 different sites for each natural disaster on our list. My kids will link to it from my classroom page and start doing their research. This tool will be beneficial to keeping them focused  and cut down on having to closely monitor 28 kids while they freely surf the web, and free up time for me to help them with the actual assignment. There are also jogs already listed for you to use in your classroom. Just click on the link below to check it out.
I am planning on posting the project when we get it completed so stay tuned.

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