Friday, October 26, 2012

The Noun Game

I have been playing the Noun Game in my room for years and the kids love it!! I have created a Promethean chart  with a list of words and directions.. I usually divide the class into two groups, and  boys against girls really gets them going.

To play I have one student sit with their back to the board and another player sits facing them. The player facing the board will give one word clues, as a list, to describe the word on the board. The player with their back to the board will try to guess the word. I give them one minuet to get as many words as possible. There are no hand gestures allowed nor are they allowed to pass.  Also, if they say a form of the word their turn is over and no points are awarded.

I call it the Noun Game because I will usually teach them how to play when I am teaching nouns and adjectives. However, It usually turns in to their game of choice if they earn a reward day. We have also used vocabulary lists to play with. It may take a couple of turns before the kids get the hang of it but most catch on quickly. This Promethean Flip chart has 27 slides of words and I just use the revealer tool and go down the list. It really is hilarious fun for everyone.  It's free all I ask is that you let me know how your kids liked it.

The Noun Game

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