Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Last year I got a new Promethean board for my room and I love it. One of the great things about ii is that you can import Smartboard and Powerpoint presentations. I assume that you can do the same in reverse but I'm not sure. On this page I would like to share some of the flipcharts I have made that I think you might fined helpful. They are editable and hopefully can save you some time. I often get items from Promethean Planet which is a great resource. However I find that once again the resources for middle and upper grades is limited. I will update this page regularly so check back often.

You will need Active Inspire software to open these charts. You can get a free version to download  at

Daily Oral Language Charts: I use these as Warm-up activities.  The students start when they enter the room correcting two sentences and then we quickly go over them together. I will randomly call them a quiz and take a grade in my grade book, This keeps them honest and doing their best work.

Daily Oral Language Hairy Beast Saga Grades 6-9

DOL 3-7
DOL 6-10
DOL 8-10
DOL 11-13

10,000 Dollar Pyramid

The Giver Intro and chapter questions
The Giver by Chapters

Advertising and Propaganda Flipcharts: The file also has an active vote quiz. i use these with my 7th Grades.
Advertising Techniques



Author's Purpose

Bell Work

Jourmal prompts

Figurative Language


  1. I am new to middle school and Language Arts so I am so excited I found you!! I am teaching 8th grade Language Arts and very nervous about getting everything in that I need and doing the interactive notebooks which I love and think will be great for them....:) Wish me luck!

  2. I'm glad you found me too! I Teach 7th, 8th, and English I. Eighth grade is my favorite! Just remember every day is a new day and to bring your sense of humor. I really do wish you good luck!